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Created by Vinnie Kilduff Parakeet is a fresh, simple, and innovative system of learning music. It makes the learning process fun an easy, an enjoyable experience. Unlike the majority of other tutors and music theory methods, Parakeet emphasises all the sensory aspects of learning music – sound, vision, and feel and an expanding online catalogue of unique audio-visual learning materials and products catered to every learning style. Parakeet provides a complete package, unique to each instrument, which is designed for both teachers and students alike.

Parakeet is for everyone. It is a simple, intuitive system that teaches the user to play and make music without having to get bogged down by reading notes, following complicated structures and theory. It takes the struggle out of learning music, enables the student to play what they want and focus on the enjoyment of making music.

The system is based on the concept of associating notes and chords to colour. It is adapted to a fast-paced mobile world, spanning beyond colourful notes, integrating mobile and online platforms, instruments and accessories, and building experiences in an online community. In a nutshell, Parakeet promises to disrupt and deliver colour to the status quo of music tuition, as we know it.

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