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Nowhere in Ireland are people as dependent on and as aware of the sea than on the off-shore Islands. The volunteers of the Aran Islands Lifeboat have been saving lives and fighting the fury of the Atlantic for 80 years. The RNLI established a lifeboat station on the Aran Islands in 1927. The lifeboats were moored at Killeany Bay. A small boat house was built at the side of the harbour. A new boathouse has now been constructed on this site.

The Aran Lifeboat Collection
Two CD Set featuring Music, Song & Poetry from and for the Aran Islands includes original Tracks featuring The Waterboys, Patrick Bergin. Frankie Gavin, Vinnie, Pat Joe Jack, Steve Cooney, Brendan O'Regan, Sean Smyth, Sean Watty Flaherty, Mairtin Flaherty, Dara Costello, Joe O'Brien, Fovea, Mick Flynn and many more.

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The Lost Tapes of Inish Mor
While living on Inis Mor during the 1980's musician, songwriter and producer Vinnie Kilduff was so impressed by the local and visiting musicians and Sean Nos singers on the Island that he and Irene Keogh, the former manager of Windmill Lane Recording studios, held many recording sessions on the island in a bid to capture the music of these extrordinarly talanted performers.

What emerged was a well recorded wealth of music from a variety of excellent musicians, some of whom have since passed away.
Content in the knowledge that he had captured on tape some special and unique performances Vinnie put the tapes into safe storage until his busy schedule would allow him the time to bring this music to a wide audience.

Several suggestions were made as to how this music could be used when Vinnie had the idea to publish the recordings in a way that would keep the link with Inis Mor and in the process benefit the most important lifeline to the Aran Islands, The Lifeboat.