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On this significant evening of music Vinnie joins Christy Moore, Mary Black and a host of Irish musicians to celebrate the Genius of one of Ireland's most influential & much loved musicians and poets, Steve Cooney.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, it was 1981 that Steve bought a one-way ticket to Ireland. His intension was to re-trace the land; the music, and the language of his forefathers. He has lived in Ireland ever since.

For over thirty years, Steve has made a significant contribution to traditional Irish music, on hundreds of recordings, as well as performing with international artists including Chuck Berry, Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour and Sinead O Connor.

It was in the 90's, while living in the Gaeltacht of Dingle, west Kerry that Steve paired with singer and button accordionist Seamus Begley. Begley & Cooney became one of the most popular traditional acts of the 90's. Their incredible energetic performances excited a thriving traditional music scene, which to this day has rarely been matched. They both went on to win Ireland's prestigious National Entertainment award for Traditional Music

More recently Steve has just completed a Master of Literature in Education degree at UCD in Dublin. With his acclaimed thesis, Musical Notation and Theory in Early Learning: A Case for Intuitive Holistic Inter-Cultural Models, he has developed a ground-breaking approach to teaching music in primary schools.

For one night only, Steve brings together some of his many friends he has performed with over the years. With a band especially assembled for the occasion, we will hear the music and poetry of this remarkable man. Vinnie has worked with Steve since the early 19080s. They have produced many great works to-gether.

Vinnie and Steve Late Late Show